Brakha Meshuleshet

Chop Chop Deli offering specialty smoked and cured meats, prepared Shabbat food

Gershon's Foodies Specialty meats and meat dishes for Shabbat

Grill 443 Israeli style prepared Shabbat food

Ha-ahuza Market Prepared Shabbat food, order via WhatsApp Delivery in the Modiin area only


Kinnamon Catering Prepared Shabbat food including traditional and rotating menus from around the world

Maaseh Beh

Maccabis Prepared Shabbat food from a variety of cuisines

Mess tin Sharon, Gush Dan and parts of the Shfela

Oh Mama! Prepared Shabbat food, online ordering for weekday meals and catering too Tel Aviv area

Prohibition Pickle American Ashkenazi including deli meats, herring and white fish salad, pickles etc

Scoop Catering Prepared Shabbat food

Sdot Ayalon Prepared Shabbat food in a variety of styles

Sorotzkin Prepared Shabbat food, emphasis on traditional style Ashkenazi and Israeli Jewish food. They say they are strictly kosher but do not have official kosher certification.

Teff Injera Bakery Ethiopian shabbat food, bulk sales of ready made injera, catering, Ethiopian baked goods, kosher Mehadrin

Vegan Kuba Vegan Shabbat food: Kurdish kubbe, Tunisian couscous, hallah and more

Yehoshua Shabbat kiddush boxes with Ashkenazi style foods such as herring, kugel, rogalekh and chopped liver.

Yummi Food options from local cooks, not all have kosher kitchens

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