Egoz VeTamar nuts, seeds, dried fruits, honey, halvas, biscuits, tehina and more

Hakoleh nuts, seeds, dried fruits, honey and spreads, coffee, halvas and more

Hamama nuts, seeds, spices, dried fruits, sweets, halvas, legumes and more.

Kal Lepitzuah

Meshek Kouris Olive oil, pecans and almonds grown on the farm

Shivuk Yesha dried fruits and nuts, eggs, some fresh produce, dried goods, olive oil, baked goods, dairy

Shlomi Tavilinim nuts, seeds, dried fruits, honey, halvas, tehina, oils, chocolate and more

Simple Foodies Specialty natural dried fruits and fruit leathers, gift boxes


Vituri Online nuts, seeds, roasted munchy snacks, chocolate covered snacks

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