Ahiya olive oil and more

Anshei Hazayit olive oil, spreads and more


Beit Hadvash Kadesh Barnea

Derekh Hatavlinim herbs, spices, coffee beans, grinders, honey, tehina, specialty halva and more

Dvash Ofir

Emek Hefer Honey

Foodshop boutique products Specialising in products from local Israeli boutique producers

Hakaveret Beit Horon honey

IsraeliDelicious Specialty American items, spices and spice blends, Tex-Mex

Kaveret Meshek Spektor honey

Kfar Chabad honey

Limonada Sells a variety of products from Israeli boutique manufacturers, including desserts, wines, vegan friendly, gluten free and organic items. Some are kosher, some Mehadrin, some without a hekhsher.

Meshek Hilman olive oil

Meshek Kouris Olive oil, pecans and almonds grown on the farm

Meshek Lin honey and spreads

Negohot honey and beer

Paradise Honey

Pereg spices olive oil, spices,

Porat Ein Yahav honey, also jojoba and aloe products.


Simon's Honey

Sod Hakesem Ethiopian spices and flours

Tavlinei Abuai Ethiopian spices, coffee, teff flour and related Ethiopian goods

Teff Bari Ethiopian teff flour, coffee and other Ethiopian products

Tzuf organic honey, spreads and tehina

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