Beeri Dairy

Buffalo Farm

Carmella (many international items. Note all the fruit and veg has a te'udah, some of the imported sauces and wines they sell are not all kosher, though most of what they sell is, including brands like Mrs Elsewood pickles)

Gal Dairy

Galilee Cheese


Hanan Hagaban Dairy selling their own cheeses, olive oil and other farm produce, including gift and picnic baskets. Kosher certification from local rabbanut.


Ivri Dairy

Jacob's Dairy and bread

Man Haadama International cheeses and other dairy and vegan delicatessen items, items have various hekhsherim including rabbanut, Tzohar and foreign (non-rabbanut approved) hekhsherim. Branches in Netanya and Kfar Saba, delivery in Sharon and centre

Markovitch Dairy Sheep's milk dairy producing specialty cheeses, some incorporating local herbs and shivat haminim

Offaime Farm organic farm to table dairy, free-range eggs, olive oil, baked goods, produce and more.

Panzer delicatessen Delicatessen with a variety of dish, meat, dairy, wine and more. Kosher. Delivery in the Netanya area, Cesearea, Sharon, Raanana

Shivuk Yesha dried fruits and nuts, eggs, some fresh produce, dried goods, olive oil, baked goods, dairy

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