Apertif Mehashuk Gift baskets from Mahane Yehuda market, kosher rabbanut (options for Mehadrin)

Bakery Boutique Bet Shemesh only

Candy Stash Israel Gift baskets of international snacks and treats

Cheeme delicatessen Picnic and gift baskets, delicatessen showcasing local Israeli producers

Foodshop boutique products Specialising in products from local Israeli boutique producers

Gili's Goodies (gift baskets including fresh baked goods, sweets, dried fruits, nuts, wines and gifts)

Giraffa Gift baskets from Tel Aviv area markets like Levinsky and Hatikva

Green and Co Fruit liquors and gift packages, including cheese platters. Kosher.

Hanan Hagaban Dairy selling their own cheeses, olive oil and other farm produce, including gift and picnic baskets. Kosher certification from local rabbanut.

Hayotzer boutique winery Boutique kosher winery of the veteran Arza winery

I Love Cupcakes

Kufsa Mehashuk (items from Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market, including fresh produce, baked goods, condiments, alcohol, seasonal and specialty foods from the market)

Limonada Sells a variety of products from Israeli boutique manufacturers, including desserts, wines, vegan friendly, gluten free and organic items. Some are kosher, some Mehadrin, some without a hekhsher.

Love From the Shuk (baskets with a selection of goods from Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market, options for set baskets and custom orders)

Man Haadama International cheeses and other dairy and vegan delicatessen items, items have various hekhsherim including rabbanut, Tzohar and foreign (non-rabbanut approved) hekhsherim. Branches in Netanya and Kfar Saba, delivery in Sharon and centre

Meh Hashuk (baskets from Tel Aviv's Levinsky market)

One Love Central area delivery

Panzer delicatessen Delicatessen with a variety of dish, meat, dairy, wine and more. Kosher. Delivery in the Netanya area, Cesearea, Sharon, Raanana

Pat BeMelah Bakery Cafe (picnic baskets and gift boxes)

Regavim Online Greengrocer, also boutique alcohol, flour, pasta, honey, olive oil and more. Delivery from Beer Sheva to Raanana, including Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh

Rubida (picnic baskets to order)

Shukriya (items from Jerusalem's Old City Arab markets, including fresh produce, coffee, spices, pastries and utensils)

Taam Mehawadi Gift bakets from Haifa's Wadi Nisnas

Tamar Bakfar (baskets of dates, honey, oil and agricultural products from the Jordan Valley)

Tamarim Concierge Service A variety of food gift basket options, also non-food services

Tena Pick and Go Ready assembled picnic baskets complete with cutlery etc.

The Yishuv Subscription service delivering meat, produce, baked goods, beverages, and more from kosher family farms

Yael Soups Soups gift baskets and care packages

Yalla Basta Gift baskets with selections from Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market

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